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“Some seek a more beautiful world, others create one.”
“One day you will say: It wasn’t easy, but I managed it.”
“You don’t get to the top by overcoming others, but by overcoming yourself.”
“Do you take anything to stay happy? Yes, decisions!”
“When you stop worrying about what could happen, you start to enjoying what IS happening.”
“You can reinvent yourself at any time, and choose who you would like to become.”
“Raise your standards and create a fascinating life.”
“The past ended last night, today is another day. Enjoy everything as far as possible and be happy.”
“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”
“Success comes when your dreams are greater than your excuses.”
“Success is the result of small efforts repeated day after day.”
“The secret of to success in life is not to always conquer, but to never give up.”
“90% of success is based on insistence.”
“Falling a thousand times, and getting up again - that’s what life’s all about.”

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